earring hack

Your Earring is not broken 😊 Here is how to adjust it if it's not closing properly anymore.

Your earrings are made of 925 Sterling Silver (or 18Ct Gold Plated Silver) and it’s a very soft material, so it can happen that the thin middle bar closing the earring has bent a little with the wear. As a result, the earring is not closing right anymore and might fall off your ear.

Watch the video below to learn how to fix it in a few seconds ⬇.

DSC_1891lightroom 3.jpg__PID:d7af9bd4-be78-4d33-938a-e7bebd6bed40

How to adjust your earrings

click to play 

DSC_1179lightroom copy.jpg__PID:b6da1dee-e581-4a1a-8551-1e40227d09e5


The Honey family closes in the opposite way compared to the rest of the collection. So instead of pushing the middle bar upwards, simply push it downwards until you hear a '"click".